The act of continually identifying the most important projects to work on instead of actually working on them.
We priortized the project in the 34th different way since we identified them last spring.
by Chosney September 23, 2003
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Is a philosophy which maintains that, within the order of nature in relation with the preserving or sustaining of life. All things are prioritized within a well balanced disposition based on there essential and necessary attributes in achieving the intended objective.
Within nature food, water and safety constitute the primary attributes of prioritism.
by Baron Neville September 14, 2016
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The most important people (thus the -ite) to see or things on a list of things to do.
Dude, what are your priorites this week?

Black Angels concert, meet Heidi Klum and clean out the 2-week old Taco Bell in the frig. That's it, man. Focused.
by neobigjack September 18, 2011
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How you rank electronics for charging their batteries. Most useful when only one outlet is available but you have more electronics that you need to charge.
Pokemon Black just came out so I'm charge prioritizing my DS above my iPod.

A hot chick was texting me so I charge prioritized my phone over my laptop so no, I didn't get you wall post dude.
by The Jentleman March 07, 2011
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reshuffle the importance of objectives in the list one sets first
Administration managers rely in their planning on the previous feedback that they may de-prioritize previous objectives, and new planning is brought forth that new objectives are now the priority.
by Linguabridge LB.Beirut Lebanon December 18, 2016
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