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A sexual term combining the words "Bidet" and "Fellatio." This act begins with a blumpkin. Once the shit is successfully ejected, the blowjob ceases, and the two participants stand up and change positions. The girl crouches behind the man, and performs a rusty trombone. In the process, she cleans the man's shit-filled asshole, acting as a human bidet.
I fucking love bidetios.

I got a bidetio last night, it was completely full service!

Why pay for an enema when you can get bidetio? They're free and pleasurable!
by The Jentleman July 11, 2010

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Slang term for cock; essentially a sophisticated way of saying schlong. A combination of the words "genitalia" and "gentleman."
"She didn't think I was very manly until I whipped out my jent and cockslapped her."
"Oh yeah, I heard she was suckin' on his jent all night long."
by The Jentleman October 05, 2009

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How you rank electronics for charging their batteries. Most useful when only one outlet is available but you have more electronics that you need to charge.
Pokemon Black just came out so I'm charge prioritizing my DS above my iPod.

A hot chick was texting me so I charge prioritized my phone over my laptop so no, I didn't get you wall post dude.
by The Jentleman March 07, 2011

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