A word describing a human person that is a prick and soft as a minge.

Can also be used as:
Prick-minge -: if you want to get the full effect of the meaning across.
For example:
1) "That guy is a pringe!"
2) "Look at that prick-minge, thinks hes solid! Fucking pringe!"
3) "That guy is a pringe!"
by Darrell Page November 29, 2007
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verb: to purerave
i was pring last night till 5am with a pregnant kansas girl
by 1an September 20, 2006
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(verb) A form of vertical movement, closely associated with trampolining & cheerleading (not gymnastics). Pring describes a conscious, bigger effort to jump, throw or move a body vertically upwards whilst performing a skill. A sort of cross between 'spring' and 'ping' !
"You don't have enough height or power. You need to 'pring' it up on take-off !"
by MikulAbbott April 4, 2009
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When someone begins to eat something that taste really good and they can't stop.

Example Pringles.... Once you start the fun don't stop.
Your dinner always have me pringing.
I didn't want to start pringing.
by Scaffolder April 30, 2016
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A real salty butt pirate. A person who has deep rooted narcissistic beliefs and acts with false braggadocio behaviour. These beliefs can only have been created from being penetrated repeatedly by ones father.
Steve: "Hey man, I fucked six bitches this weekend! I'm also taking 3 of them to Rome with me".
Nick: "Dude, you look like a shaved toe... stop being such a Pring".
by Dr.RumpRaider February 16, 2019
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Where someone does load of drugs and can't stop
The girl is a mess she'said been pringing and needs serious help
by Newdictionary April 26, 2018
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