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A social networking site where those with very little education and a history of drug use define themselves by their taste in electronic music, much like those in the outside world would affiliate themselves with a political party or religion.

Instead of using purerave to find friends, like one might do on facebook or myspace, users are primarily concerned with gossiping about other users that they typically haven't seen for a long period of time. (It can go from months to years.) This gossip is used to create drama.

The drama created through gossip on purerave functions as a major component of a typical user's day, as they very rarely have jobs or attend school.
"OMG, you have to purerave this bitch! You might not have access to her journal anymore, but today, .!KandiGurl!. wrote an entry about how you and Matt have been sleeping together behind her back and it serves you right because he has herpes. I'll copy and paste it to you if you don't have access."
by TheGrown-up September 10, 2008
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