empty boasting, arrogant pretension, a swaggering, cocky manner.
Cook: "Who's that loud fuck sitting across the bar."
Pete: "Oh, that's Adam."
Cook: "What a dickhead."
Pete: "Yeah, but in spite of all the braggadocio, I actually like the guy."
Cook: "Really?"
Pete: "No, really?"
by Pete Dick February 14, 2008
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1. a state of mind reached when a narcissist feels they have reached a point of global domination
2. the endorphin and adrenaline rush a crack whore feels after she users her paycheck to buy a hit of crack
Donald Trump braggadocio was shared with one hundred and one crack whores as they celebrated the release of his latest book.
by anonymouszombieapocalypse September 17, 2015
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'When something is worth bragging about continuously and to a point of extremely annoying others.""
Guy 1 "Man Skip just keeps talking about how good his forensics team, listing all of their awards and achievements over and over again"

Guy 2 "Yeah they are totally worth the braggadocios"
by Remny July 30, 2012
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The first six months of a woman's engagement, when her number one priority is informing as many people as possible that she's engaged and/or showing off her wedding ring as much as possible.
It's difficult to get anything done in the office while Suzy is still in the Braggadocio Stage. All she does is talk about the wedding.
by Undeployed March 28, 2010
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