preload; preloader; preloading

An interminably long prelude to something which you hope will be worth the wait.

Refers to the graph, timer or numerical display which indicates the time left before a website is fully loaded or is ready to begin displaying.
This guy's preload sucks. I wish he'd just get to the point.
by J. Proudfoot August 3, 2003
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Drinking some alcohol before a party so as to enter the party already buzzed. Through this method, one can get drunk very quickly once he or she arrives at the party.
I'm tired of this guy always preloading and pretending to be a lightweight.
by Rashinkle January 6, 2009
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To drink at home before going to the game, concert, bar, party, wedding, etc. where the drinks will either be expensive, crappy, or non-existent. To get buzzed, or even drunk, before going out.
Beers are $6 at the game, so let's preload.
I preloaded before the wedding. The church doesn't allow alcohol.
by Dr. Badwrench April 5, 2008
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Preloading is the process of drinking copious amounts of alcohol in preparation for a night out. In the process saving valuable money on drinks.

Normally used by mothers and the older generation who have heard the kids talking about Prelashing and misinterpreted it.

Originally coined in the small British town of Banbury

See also: Prelashing and Prinks
Mum 1: OMG have you seen the kids do this preloading thing?
Mum 2: Yes its obscene, I never drank like that.

Kid: MUM its prelashing you doyle.
by RobDog April 8, 2012
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When a piece of software, a game for instance, is offered for download by the developer before the official release, but it can't be played yet due to a protection, this is called a preload.
Usually this service is only available for people who preordered the game.
Half-Life 2 could be preloaded from steam.
Crysis could be preloaded five days before the official release, from the EA servers.
by TheZeroorez November 10, 2007
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The act of reloading a semi-empty clip in a FPS or other shooter in anticipation of a hard firefight or similar event, sometimes referred as common sense.
Just give us a second to preload before we go into this room, I think it's full of enemies.
by FailUrban April 6, 2011
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It's when you wank a bit beforehand but don't jizz, so that when you wank, or fuck, next time, you jizz out way more cum.
I came so much last night cus I had preloaded earlier in the day.
by ThickTwix69 February 4, 2020
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