A Little Town In Oxfordshire, England. The Town Is Most Notable For It's Violent Crime, Clear Segregation Between Communities And The Terrible Childrens Nursery Rhyme: "Ride A Cock Horse" Which Recently Graced The Embittered Landscape With It's Own Hideous Statue, Across From The 2-Screen Cinema.
People Die Here. Constantly. More Than Anywhere Else. You Bet.
Breeding Ground Of Second-Wave Chavs
It's A Shitty Little Town In The South Of UK.

Oik1: "Hey Man, You Want To Go To Banbury?"
Oik2: "No Thanks - Even The Fool That I Am Knows Not To Grace That Shite-Hole With My Bad Self. You Get AIDs Upon Entering"
by Jimi King Of The Universe April 27, 2007
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Historically linked with prostitution, Banbury is now the UK's capital for people in wheelchairs, eastern european immigrants and young (read underage) mothers. Once the proud owner of its very own Gropecunt Lane (until 1410, now known as Parsons Lane) Banbury proudly continues the British traditions of single mothers and alcoholism.
Banbury is the Las Vegas of the UK. If you are blind and deaf. And retarded and with AIDS. (Which is likely if you are in Banbury)
by Tiders-the-Halfy September 20, 2009
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Town full of spoiled upper middle class children who think that living in one of the countries most affluent areas in a town with no real crime statistics is the worst thing in the world.
Person A: Oh my God Banbury is just the worst, it only has 2 cinema screens, and the parking at the leisure centre is just awful!

Person B: Shut your stupid face and get some perspective.
by PoeJaxton August 12, 2012
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A fetish act involving a man and a woman, a local newspaper (the Banbury Cake) and cake making ingredients that is practised in the town of Banbury in the UK.

The newspaper is taken and rolled up to resemble a funnel, which is then placed into the woman's upward facing vagina.

The man now adds the cake ingrdients to the funnel and mixes vigorously. When the mix is ready it is poured into a bowl with any that happened to enter into the woman. The mixture is then either eaten raw by the couple or baked and presented to unwitting friends and family members.

Warning: Can lead to intervention of social services and/or severe yeast infections.
Bob: "Hey man, where's Jodie?"
John: "She's at the doctors. Want some Banbury Cake?"
by yayomayn April 25, 2013
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Extreme sexual act involving three homosexual men (two of which may be already be deceased prior to the act taking place). First, one homosexual defecates in the other two participants mouths before stringing them up from the ceiling by the ankles and decapitating them. He then tries to make love to both severed heads while being showered in the blood of the other two. Bonus points are awarded if he manages to finish before the blood stops spraying out. Not to be confused with the Glasgow Cobbler.
Tiders gave Demps and Gerard the old Banbury Cobbler last night.
by Al-Kai'eran September 24, 2009
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When you greet someone at your front door with a knife.
You come knock on my door, im grabbing a fucking knife and shanking you with it.

Thats called a Banbury Greeting.
by Jenesh January 8, 2022
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