The ultimate way to test your PC's power.
"Hey man, what's up?"
"My computer exploded."
by FrankTheTankOS March 31, 2013
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Apparently the most realistic FPS game to date. The boys over at Crytech have proven how much of nerds they are by making a video game that hardly runs on normal pcs.
guy 1: Dude should i get crysis?
guy 2: hells yeah if you can run the damn thing.

i recently got this new computer: froged in the fire of mount doom, crafted by the proud Jedi of star wars, and it still have problems running crysis.

Crysis is designed for computers...From SPACE

Crysis is from crytech and uses the cry-engin, which also runs Farcry, Farcry 2, and Jesus Cry-st Superstar
by JackInTheCloset February 2, 2009
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In situations when everything is relatively normal, then turned completely upside down in an extremely absurd way.
Crysis, first off, you fight Koreans, then Aliens.

Trauma Center, you are a doctor, fighting the plague of disease, then aliens.
by OHGOF February 9, 2009
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A very promising first-person shooter that is slated for a September 2007 release. Being built from the ground up by developers Crytek, the makers behind Far Cry. Sporting ultra realistic graphics and optimization for DirectX 10. This game looks like it will be game of the year already by the trailers and screenshots. It looks like it's Deus Ex meets Far Cry meets Half-Life.

Some info on Crysis:

-It will run on Vista and XP. XP will require a Direct X 9 patch however.

-You're main character wears a nano-augmented suit that you can change abilities such as jump higher and run faster all in real time.

-Real time weather and daytime/nighttime system.

-Advanced AI that has real time routine system like Oblivion and Far Cry.

-Ability to modify you're weapons all in real time.

-The first real time Predator like gameplay.

-Landscapes and levels that are based on real places.

-Advanced physics engine. Almost everything can be destroyed or damaged.

-Many multiplayer modes.

-And much more.

There is not much know about the story but it takes place in Korea in the not too distant future. From the screenshot it looks like there is an alien invasion sorta like PREY. I cannot wait for this game. There is no way it can suck.
I have already upgraded my computer with SLI Nvidia BFG Geforce 8 series cards. I want this fucker maxed out.

Crysis, plain and simple, will kick ass.
by Aldwardo January 15, 2007
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The best FPS so far but can only be handled on a Superman computer. You get free roam and environment destruction which is always fun.
Man, I got this old computer and can't handle Crysis.
Haha, noob, I got a computer which cost me 5k just to play Crysis.
by Alex Reboks February 27, 2008
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An overly-hyped game that will let down masses of spastic geeks that have been nerdgasming over it for a very long time.
It will ultimately cause the suicide of a teenager named roy who will realize that it is rubbish meant to be fed to ferrets.
Some unsuspecting innocent person says crysis.
A horde of nerds echo the name in such a decibel that poor person who uttered the name would think that they were at the super bowl. They would then realize that it's a horrible game because only a bunch of random people care about it. and EA made it. double whammy.
by Mr. Magoon November 7, 2007
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An Over hyped piece of shit game. Many geeks fail to realize that the game is not worth upgrading for and is simply just another typical fps.

Dude: Nah I play good games like half-life 2 that are actually able to run on normal pc's.
by bluemuffin May 30, 2009
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