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To drink at home before going to the game, concert, bar, party, wedding, etc. where the drinks will either be expensive, crappy, or non-existent. To get buzzed, or even drunk, before going out.
Beers are $6 at the game, so let's preload.
I preloaded before the wedding. The church doesn't allow alcohol.
by Dr. Badwrench April 05, 2008
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When a piece of software, a game for instance, is offered for download by the developer before the official release, but it can't be played yet due to a protection, this is called a preload.
Usually this service is only available for people who preordered the game.
Half-Life 2 could be preloaded from steam.
Crysis could be preloaded five days before the official release, from the EA servers.
by TheZeroorez November 10, 2007
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The act of reloading a semi-empty clip in a FPS or other shooter in anticipation of a hard firefight or similar event, sometimes referred as common sense.
Just give us a second to preload before we go into this room, I think it's full of enemies.
by FailUrban April 06, 2011
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The act of eating copious amounts of food, with the intention of defecating in the hosts toilet. The end result being a smelly house.
Dude Chad is having a party, lets hit up taco bell and preload that faggots house.
by Greentikkiman December 21, 2008
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sometimes referred to dirt biking, but when your about to ejaculate you use it in terms of coming on womens chests, and also when i try to explain something to daniel in science class
Mike: what the fuck is a pre-load

Dan: i pre-loaded all over your mom's chest
Dan: *pretends to throw his load*
Dan: oh yea

Mike: you fucking faggot
by Mike-Tino June 09, 2009
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