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1) Type anything you like
Spinal Tap are the greatest band in the world. POWNED
Goatees are lame. POWNED

Guy 1: Look at this review in the newspaper. I figure we should go see this play.

Guy 2: Yes, it's interesting and cutting edge. It explores Generation-Y themes of isolation and yearning in the backdrop of the postindustrial society.
Guy 3: I'm in too. I love culture.
POWNER: Culture belongs in petri dishes. POWNED
by Isacki October 12, 2009
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When Poland was invaded by Germany WWII, Poland was owned or "powned" by Germany.
omg, Sarah totally powned Kyle in their debate this afternoon.
by FabulousFeminist July 02, 2010
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("PEE-ownd") Sometimes p-owned.

Contraction of power owned. The worst kind of ownage. Total humiliation.
lol powned lmaonaise
by Commander McCool May 04, 2005
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powned is like being owned or being cussed but on a high level
kid 1: your a twat
powner: least my mum aint no tecso legs
kid 1: whats that

powner: open 24/7
kid2: POWNED!
by ass wipe =] July 05, 2009
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a clever term to describe the male act of masturbation.
#1: dude, why the fuck are u so damn sweaty?

#2: i just got finished powning the noob for a good hour!
by squanchfest69 November 09, 2008
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