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Ok first off all you little pricks who say X-Box is gay probably own a PS2, one of THE WORST consoles for the FPS games. The PS2 can't hold a candle to the grphically superior X-Box. Also you computer whores you don't buy a X-Box to replace a comp. you buy it for the good FPS and the fact that it has a controller not a mouse.
dfljkn kosdgf jls dlkfsjg
by jhouse April 28, 2005
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It is a common misconception that POWN is a mispelling of the word PWN but it is actually just a way of saying PURE OWNAGE.
Man that was some pure ownage.
Man that was come hardcore pownin
by jhouse May 13, 2005
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A short spelling of the word POWN.
In turn POWN is a short spelling of the words PURE OWNAGE.
by jhouse May 13, 2005
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Halo 2- disgrace to the Halo name.

Bungie you really fucked up this time.
Halo 1 is so much more versatile than Halo 2 could ever be even with the updates.
by jhouse April 26, 2005
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HALO is the ultimate FPS for hardcore gamers. It was made by God so that all the pasty white gamers could play for weeks without sleep or ever seeing the sunlight.
Last week me and my friends played for over 7 hours a day.
by jhouse April 28, 2005
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This game had great commercials, that is only thing good I ever found about it. For all you people who think it is a HALO-killer I have one thing to say to you, have you ever played HALO?!?!
To all of you who think it is better than HALO here are some instructions for you; First, take the penis out of your mouth. Second, play HALO. Then, if you still think it is better then go to hell.
by jhouse April 28, 2005
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It is the full spelling of POWN.
It means to massively own someone in a way that humiliates them into to crying.
Bob- That was some pure ownage
PLayer2- I think I'll go cry now.
by jhouse May 13, 2005
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