A combination of the words “Pistol” and “Own”. Used in games such as Counter Strike and Halo when a player defeats an opposing player with use of nothing but a pistol.

Damn I just powned that n00b!
by Phil823 February 07, 2006
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A modified version of the original "pwn" which with over-superly-extrememly-excitement says pwn wrong. It is prononuced as porn, but written as pown.

done by a pakistani 20-year old guy playing Unreal tournament and is now used widely in Dubai.
"I just pown you! Superduber pownage!
by pownage guy... November 02, 2009
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The way a rockstar 0wns
A word of the rockstarnease dictionary
That rockstar doesnt own, he powns.
by tyjofi14 May 16, 2008
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A complete mispelling of an already mispelled word....pwned. People only use this spelling of the word when they are trying to be extra-retarded.
"I powned Jameel in Counterstrike"
"Your momma got powned last night"
by JameelVega October 04, 2005
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The incorrect way to pronounce "pwned". The actual way to pronounce it is "pawned", as the O is being REPLACED by the P, as opposed to being latched on to the front of the word.
Guy 1: You got powned!
Guy 2: It's pawned or pwned..
by 5449 June 02, 2009
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To smack someone with your dick. Mainly across the face. then instantly saying powned.
*smacks guy with dick* you say "POWNED!".
by Derikk August 13, 2008
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