1. A common typo used by internet gamers and geeks all over the world.
2. Meant to read "owned", but the P in the beginning is usually inserted by gamers.
1. Dude you just got powned, you dirty haXXor!!
by Will Busch April 04, 2006
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the act of getting "power owned". getting beat at something really really bad
Dude 50 to 0!? You got powned!!
by Riddle Boy June 16, 2008
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one of the coolest words created by white people (powned)
meant to get beat or owned.

PAUL:OOOOHH who just got powned!!!"you did"
STEVE: shut up paul stop saying that.
PAUL: just cuz you got pwned dosnt mean you got to be a loser steve.
by stephen 209 May 07, 2008
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pown is when you own someone in bed, and it's also used a slang for gamers and stoners as humiliatingly owned.
I powned her last night, or Dude you totally got powned on the last mission.
by Zekalo October 07, 2018
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powned: to be powerfully owned; used generally by nerds or geeks that stay at home and play runescape or battlefield
Barnaby: dude get off battlefield and come out with some chicks.
David: I cant! Im fighting top gunship of the 6k relm and hes using the special gun master move on me.
Barnaby: what does that mean?
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