Verb. To fall as if from a great height, hit the ground with a significant impact, and end up below ground level. Used figuratively to describe a severe downturn in popularity, reputation, value, etc.
The president's approval rating really cratered after the latest scandal.

My stock portfolio cratered during the tech sector implosion a few years back.
by Evac156 February 22, 2005
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When a man with a large pot belly wears a shirt that is too tight causing his belly button to make a massive indent in the middle of his stomach resembling a crater on the moon. Generally this man believes that he is incredibly sexy when he is actually disgusting and will compensate by driving BMWs and talking highly of himself. In rare occasions he will also wear "titty shirts" to accentuate his figure and perpetually hard nipples.
Man, did you see TK's crater in the meeting the other day? It looked like an asteroid had crashed into his stomach.
by Soup Lover August 5, 2008
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To moon someone, with the addition of the spreading of one's asscheeks, revealing their asshole with the moon.
Person 1: Did he just moon you?
Person 2: No, he spread 'em and I saw his hairy asshole. He cratered me.
by mustangman626 October 29, 2014
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an acne scar(see also crater face)
I knew that I would eventually see a crater or two on your face someday.
by Light Joker November 28, 2004
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when you fist someone's ass and you pull your fist out and their butthole is still gaping resembling a crater
I gave your mom a crater last night and now she can't walk right
by afafaf October 4, 2006
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In the game Shattered Galaxy, crater describes territory 44 -- the territory in the exact middle of the map. It has only one POC, is easily defended, AND repairs can be made there without returning to the capital, making it an ideal forwards-base -- as well as a hotly-contested zone for battles.
Attacks against Crater are tough, man. Get 10 people to go with you or don't go at all.
by Shanya Almafeta April 7, 2004
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A over abused and used vagina.
1. Whos Suzy? The bitch with the big crator in her pants.
by big d February 24, 2005
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