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The practice of dunking your testicles in another person's anus
"Sophie was quite surprised to hear that Jonny was potholing her friend in the library toilets"
by goliathmax March 18, 2015
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To have sex with a cheap woman.
To delve into deep dark damp cavernous cavity. From the common use of potholing refering to caving but with reference to a loose woman rather than a geological formation.
Dave might be desperate but he still wouldnt resort to potholing.
by spudman1977 January 22, 2008
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Whilst in a semi conscious sleep state, you scrat your anus, often leading to being second knuckle deep before you wake up shame ridden
Mark often wakes up to wash his hands in the dark after an evenings potholing
by Gamma lover May 04, 2018
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