A complete numpty who is too stupid and inept to realise just how stupid and inept he really is. Also thinks he's a bit clever - usually a bit of a slap-head as well...
That Ian Duncan-Smith, bit of a potatohead i'nt he?
by monk September 08, 2003
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Anyone who embodies the stereotypical variations (i.e. big head, slanty eyes, below average member size) characteristic of the asiatic races.
Whoa! Look at that F.O.B. smoke his cigarette. He looks like a smoking potatohead!
by BJC December 01, 2003
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A potatohead (abreviation: KK, from german "Kartoffelkopf") is a human with a potato-shaped head. However, the potato shape of the head is not disadvantageous to his / her prettiness, but rather an unique feature of the respective human's beauty.

A potatohead is usually owned by a potatoheadowner (abreviation KKB from german "kartoffelkopfbesitzer"), who normally is a male person, as women usually rather match the criteria of a KK.
Sarah is an example of a perfect potatohead
by kartofelkopfbesitzer May 17, 2011
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Our religion is a better version of Christianity. Our father and mother potato head brought us baby potato head, we worship them greatly, they lead us through our days.

This is a real religion. Respect us as you would respect any other religion.
Person 1: Hey I just found myself in the potatoheadism.
Person 2: Ah that's cool.
Person 1: You should check it out.
Person 2 : I will.
by ig @_mexicanbanana_ September 26, 2018
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The act of carrying drugs inside oneself (preferably stomach or anus) or on ones person.
Originates from the "Mr. Potatohead" character in the "Toy Story" films, who has a compartment in his rear end which some humorously state is used to carry drugs or other illegal materials
alternate: Potatohead, Potatoheaded, .
Those Mexican kids who cross the border with cocaine filled condoms in their stomachs are potatoheading.
by derpderpherpderp July 21, 2010
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A Latin American person of indigenous descent, typically with a round potato shaped head.
I took a trip to La Paz, Bolivia and man...there were Potatoheads everywhere.
by Yuccaface January 04, 2012
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