A beautiful country in south america. Known for its poverty but also for its amazing landscapes, culture, and kind-hearted people. A great place to visit for some culture! Viva Bolivia!
I went to Bolivia over break and i'm so glad i did!
by Cela1643 February 18, 2010
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Tha Best Fuckin Country in th world!
Viva Bolivia Hasta La Muerte
by KaKa April 11, 2005
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A beautiful country in the Andes Mountains of South America. Renowned for its part as the center of Inca culture and hard-working, very friendly, family-oriented people, and beautiful music in Quechua, Aymara, Chipaya, Guarani, and Spanish. Unfortunatunately at present, Bolivia is under control of a socialist dictator, Evo Morales, who, while keeping the multinational corporations (including McDonald's) out of the country and helping his own people, the Aymara, to have a greater ethnic consciousness, is known to have frequent drunken bouts, is in cahoots with the ranting, anti-US policies of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Raul Castro of Cuba, and is strongly anti-Semitic and may have ties to a number of terrorist organizations worldwide. What Bolivia really needs is a competant, sober, democratically-minded President who can work with all of Bolivia's ethnic groups equally well, reintroduce multinational corporations prn but with strictly enforced rules about how they handle finances, control pollution, and use their parcels of land, and not allow himself/herself to be swayed by the demands of terrorist organizations.
Bolivia has good-looking people.
by pentozali September 11, 2013
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A lame, unsuccessful country that is still upset that Chile won over their land in the olden days. Sore losers.
Bolivian: I can't believe those Chileans
by justjoog August 28, 2010
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it IS an awesome place to live! it has lots of different landscapes and places to go! the food is delicious!!!
- hey , dude, i went to bolivia last summer!
- yeah, how was it?
- you wouldn`t believe it!!! i had the best time ever!!
- hehehe, lucky for you!!!
by assapeixe June 1, 2005
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Country ruled by a speech-impaired Drug Dealer (Evo Morales) that loves to kiss Hugo Chavez's and Fidel Castro's asses, sometimes in tandem.
"Hey, amigo Chavez, amigo Castro, soy Evo, de Bolivia Bolivariana!"

Castro: "I guess I'm pulling my pants down once more"

Chavez: "Go ahead, I had enough of his brown nosing at the last summit"
by Malcolm Knoxville January 24, 2007
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