"Potat" are cute sm0l puppies much irrestible...

Shiro and Suki's sm0l kids...
potats are so cute!!!!
by Big Medium Boye Shibe May 12, 2019
a short and funny way of saying potato, you can use this with friends or anyone when you see a potato by exclaiming "potat!"
Joe saw a potato so he yelled "potat!", the neighbors became very confused.
by jay-fandoms March 7, 2019
An empire run by Danny DeVito made up of stupid middle schoolers that have nothing better to do. There are 3 other empires that are known, Celery, Brocolli, and Carrot. The Potats are at war with celery. One potat is sadly the child of a celery so another potat has adopted them. Anyone can be a potato the only rule is that you can't be friends with broccoli or celery.
Potats are all mighty.
by astor_pigeon October 8, 2020
Is best food for Latvian. Is much malnourish. If have potat, is probably rokk. You probably hallucinate. Sush is life. Please see politburo.
"What did one potat say to other potat?"
"Make no sense. Who have two potat?"
by notwaffle July 9, 2021
The act of embracing your inner potato-like qualities and simply just chillin' out.
by highspeedpotato April 23, 2016