to go make sushi. it is a very fun activity that many people can take part in. (pronounced soosh)
let's go sush.
i'm sushing.
let's open a restaurant and i can be the susher.
by ariell the extpert susher October 11, 2005
If your name is sush you have a massive penis. Approximately more then 8 inches
Wow sush has a massive penis 8 inch penis
by Georgepell November 25, 2021
The word "sushi," but for people to lazy to pronounce two syllables. Often used by basic bitches who also order "fro yo."
I was at that new Japanese restaurant and this chick in Ugg boots and a Love Pink sweatshirt ordered "sush." How can you be to lazy to say sushi?
by Johnny Kanaka November 18, 2016
Sush is a term used for someone who is quite
Honey you use to be the life of the party, but girl you being sush ain’t the way to go baby.
by theundeadmike June 17, 2018
"What do you want for dinner?"
-"Let's go get sushed!"
by blerb September 2, 2010
To get fucked in every possible position a person can imagine
by Cripple 12 February 24, 2010