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In Japanese, "suki" can mean several things, but it is most commonly used as the word "like."
Sometimes it can be used as slang for the word "love" as well, since in Japanese, "daisuki" means "to like a lot."
So, If you "daisuki" something that means you like it a lot.

Japan has a lot of slang for their phrases (as do most languages), so people who slang their words, or who don't like long sentences/words don't bother to say "daisuki" would just say "suki."

Also, "suki suki" almost seems like the "cute way" to say you like something!

AND, it is NOT a blowjob; spell it RIGHT - it's SUCKY SUCKY, not SUKI SUKI. Please see Sucky! Sucky! Five Dolla! for the right reference!!!
If you say it like a question, it means "Do you like this?".
Your answer can be a "suki", meaning "Yes, I do!".
Or "karaoke, suki?" meaning "Do you like karaoke?"

Boyfriend: What do you say to a nice home-made dinner and movie by the fireplace?
Girlfriend: Suki suki!~ ♡
by chottoFCKYOU March 15, 2010
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Another japanese/weeb word for "I love you".
"Suki suki Nono!"

"Suki suki Hana."
by Vailla July 7, 2018
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Suki is usually an asian girl and she is beautiful. She always gets compliments for how pretty she is. She is humble, kind, funny, beautiful, cool, and chill. She really knows how to throw it down. She pre games how you party. Suki is athletic too and plays sports not many people play. She always sticks with the goals and never gives up. Suki will always be by your side and always stick up for you. Never mess with her though. She really knows how to kick ass. Suki is a very unique person and once you meet her, never drop her. She is so trust worthing and will always keep your secrets. Suki also had one hell of a laugh. You can know Suki is around just because no one else has a laugh like hers. Suki is also very sarcastic and if you can't handle it you're gonna be in hell. Suki also has one hell of a sense of humor. Only some people will understand it.
Damn bro that Suki really knows how to bring it to the party
Yo I wish i could be friends with Suki

Suki is a great fucking friend
by bigbootygirl42069 December 11, 2018
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Suki is a beautiful kind hearted girl, with big plans in the future. Her heart is pure, only a few have had the chance to capture this young beauty's heart.
" Suki is so darn beautiful!! "
" I know right joey is one lucky man "
by Love yourself my man's November 1, 2017
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A commonly used phrase of Northern Burlington's AP Calculus teacher, sometimes accompanied by a evil hand gesture.
Student: "Mr. Newman, AP Calculus is so hard"
Mr. Newman: "Suki suki" 😏
by Peggy Bulbous November 21, 2021
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Suki is a beautiful, kind girl who is career-driven and a hard working person. She will go far in life. Suki is very welcoming, friendly, and polite. People are so drawn to her because of the charismatic abilities and good vibes she shows. Many are jealous/admired of Suki. She’s not egotistical or arrogant, she’s a humble and genuine girl. Suki has a heart warming soul. She cares so much about her family and friends. If you're lucky enough to date Suki or fall in love with her, don't let her go because she’s definitely a keeper! Suki is truly an angel with a heart of gold. It also doesn't hurt that Suki is incredibly gorgeous and has a great smile; it’s contagious! Suki is a heavy memer with a great personality. She’s a little bit quiet at first, but once you get to know her, she’ll become one of your greatest friends or even your girl ;). She is sarcastic and quite the joker, so she’s very easy to get along with.
Damn, Suki looks amazing today
Is Suki single?
I think I’m catching feelings for Suki
by MaiKimmy1234 November 11, 2019
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First of all. Words can't even describe Suky. Suky is the most amazing person you will meet. Everything about her is perfect. She has the cutest eyes, the best laugh, and the cutest face. She is very loveable and you will most likely fall in love with her at some point in your life. Sukys can be very hyper and quick-tempered. She is always going to be there for you no matter what. Even if she is having the worst day ever. If you have a Suky in your life, never let her go!! She is so much fun to hang out with and constantly puts you first. Sukys are very emotional and if you bring up her past she will totally shut you down. Sukys have a big heart and care a lot. Sukys keep to themselves, but once you've won their loyalty, love, friendship, they'll remain by your side for the rest of your life.
Person 1: Dang your friend with Suky she is so perfect!
Person 2: Yes she is an amazing friend.
Person 1: Help me find one.
Person 2: No one else is like Suky.
Person 1: Your so lucky!
by cassidy123098 September 2, 2021
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