(v.) To rock out so hard, you need to spell it with two k's
Wow, look at Digga rokk out on the air guitar!
by TommyOkktane December 30, 2004
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rokks is the definition of an old womens flange with a serious infestation of ringworm.
1. she asked me to lick her out, but she was just so "rokks" down there!
by me January 21, 2004
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The awesomest song on guitar hero 2 and the best song by freezepop! The remixes are totally rad as well.
by Frogo December 21, 2008
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Song by Freezepop that first appeared in Guitar Hero II. It now appears in their album "Future Future Future Perfect".
The song contains 1437 notes on the expert difficulty of Guitar Hero II.
Less Talk More Rokk is made of win.
by JEML October 26, 2007
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