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13 definitions by jay-fandoms

marking language is a secret language made up of markings like commas and such, learning it is simple, all you need to do is type the letters and numbers in the same spot as the letters you want to type
person: 2:;5 5:3 "{,'
friend: what?
person: its marking language
by jay-fandoms March 7, 2019
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usually put after a sentence when talking about something that slightly irritates you, usually used in group chats and texting
i have school tomorrow sksksksksksk
by jay-fandoms March 7, 2019
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a short and funny way of saying potato, you can use this with friends or anyone when you see a potato by exclaiming "potat!"
Joe saw a potato so he yelled "potat!", the neighbors became very confused.
by jay-fandoms March 7, 2019
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something to do when you are bored, this is made when you type ith first 5 letters on your keyboard
"I was feeling sorta bored so I made a qwerty"
by jay-fandoms December 25, 2018
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the colour of the reddit upvote button
Johnny: the upvote button is red
Don: no, its orange
Joe: lets settle with it being orangered
by jay-fandoms March 7, 2019
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a way of expressing yourself when you discover something new or something you have never seen before.
person:*discovers something*

also person: owo whats this?
by jay-fandoms March 7, 2019
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short for "not really news"

used when you see a news headline about nothing important
the other day i saw a news headline that said "my boyfriend leaves me every weekend to hang out with his dogs". i think that's NRN
by jay-fandoms March 7, 2019
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