A scientific word meaning to "pull from one's ass." In the below sentence, this means that one or more scientists pulled that fact out of their asses. Whether or not they pulled your mom from one or more of their asses is left open to question. She may still be in there.
Scientists postulate that your mom has been fucked over two billion times in human history.
by Mecha Godzilla October 18, 2007
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The act of theorizing some incredulous idea, specifically one that is being spoken to other members of the conversation that are sitting in another room (hearing the same theory from whatever television show is on).
Person 1:What he say!

Person 2: Dr. House said "When did you come across this new information?"(in reference to one doctor saying that Foreman was black unlike the white patient with the same disease)

Person 1: Because Foreman's African the disease will spread different than in the white guy I bet.

Person 2: That's what they just said!

Person 1: Well, that's what I was postulizing would happen.
by The Wadd January 8, 2010
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To postulate means, but is not limited to, the following:
-An Orgasm

-Basically anything sexual that has to do with the excretion of juices.
Wow dude I just postulated so hard. I Postulated so hard last night. Oh this picture will really help me with Postulation.
by LowfatCriminal October 8, 2011
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There is a fundamental connection between technology, physical reality and nature. And the parallels between technology and nature are astounding.
Smolka's Postulate reveals that cars have systems that match that of animals; ie: gas tank - stomach, catalytic converter - liver, carburetor - lungs and so on. A computer hard drive needs to defrag every so often, like a mind needs to dream(believing that doing so consolidates information in the brain).
by Stephan Smolka September 5, 2009
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A postulate that can be used to conclude anything without any counter-arguments to object it.

It defies Newton's Laws, objects Chuck Norris, and is Bruce Lee's secret weapon.
"If I have 5 apples and eat 2 apples, how much apples do I have?"
"You have 9 apples"
"No...how do you get 9 apples?"
"Zoeb's Postulate"
by Demolition5 January 18, 2012
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A posh way to dismiss an idea one finds stupid or worthless.
Jim: Yo Bill can I borrow 5 bucks?
Bill: HA! The mere postulation!
by The Insult Man May 29, 2021
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As the wingnuttiness of a crowd increases, the likelihood that they will be unintentionally homoerotic increases exponentially.
You: Hey, why are all those anti-tax nutjobs talking about teabagging? I didn't know that they like getting their balls sucked.

Me: They don't, they just happened to choose a gay sex act as the name of their movement.

You: Oh, I guess that's just the Hindrocket Postulate at work.
by Earl2 April 11, 2009
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