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First Introduced by David Icke. A repeater just repeats what he or she just was told without thinking about it, frustrating someone who finds out whats repeated is a lie. Usually found in government bureaucracies.
Repeaters at the doctors office kept telling me that drugs and surgery are the only cures to what ails me.
by Stephan Smolka January 3, 2009
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A play on the 'soup nazi' on Seinfeld. What you are faced with when you try to speak to the host and don't phrase your question the proper way.
When it was my turn to speak, I asked the host, "How are you?" and in radio nazi fashion got booted off the air!
by Stephan Smolka December 12, 2009
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George Carlin mockingly said, "How are you - I'm Fine.
'No! you are not fine. Your HAIR is FINE!!"
by Stephan Smolka December 12, 2009
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The ubiquitous holiday that is being looked forward too, because life is so miserable we need holidays to distract us from that fact.
Singing the song" Happy special bullshit day! Bullshit, special, happy day!!"

by Stephan Smolka September 26, 2008
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The lamest rhetorical question in the English language. Requires the answer of 'Fine' no matter how you feel or why you are going to have a conversation. An exercise for the lips and tongue.
I was dying of cancer and had to see my doctor. He asked me, "How are you?"
by Stephan Smolka January 18, 2009
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The art and science of destroying freedom by allowing people to make bad decisions. Peripherating through society but not limited to legalization of drugs, college education for the unmotivated and home ownership for the financially irresponsible. The end result being martial law and bigger government as a solution to the problems it creates.
Making welfare and food stamps easier than earning money at a trade is an example of Ruinism.
by Stephan Smolka January 9, 2009
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Incincere behaviour by a group or individual to abtain either status, approval or money.
Game shows on TV are quite a puppet show. Contestants and their families are encouraged to act outrageously to drum up ratings.
by Stephan Smolka March 21, 2007
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