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An act of retroactive pwning. A delayed pwnage.
Laura: Yeah well you have sand bag tits!
Jessica: Dude she left the room...
Laura: Yeah she just got postpwned!
by Asabukie February 08, 2008
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When the difference of who wins a soccer game is determined by a single goal, the goal which would have tied or won the game, the ball hits the goalpost causing that team to lose or tie the game by a mere inch or so.
Jon: Did your team win the soccer game this morning?

Avery: No, we got postpwned. With two minutes to go, we were down 2-1, and my shot bounced right off the post.

Jon: Ouch, that sucks.
by AWH Referee June 10, 2009
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to be pwned so badly that you don't notice it until later.
What Casey said about Eric's mom didn't seem hurtful at first, but, when he got home, Eric realized that he had been postpwned.
by GandalftehWhite February 15, 2009
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the shame and/or sadness one feels after they have been pwned.
person 1: what's his problem?

person 2: oh, don't mind him, he's just postpwned.
by seldom dark April 06, 2009
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When Something is post-poned so many times that you end up exasperated and/or pwned.
May 21st: Hey tonight's party is going to be next Monday because most people can't make it.
May 27th: Hey, we're just going to wait till June 4th so that these people are back from vacation.
June 4th: Sorry you drove all the way out there. I forgot to text you that we moved it to June 10th.
<response> I've been post-pwned!
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