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A hole used primarily for the dispensing of fecal matter. Sometimes the insertion of oblongated objects such as various fruits, vegetables, broomsticks, fingers, penises, etc. are allowed entrance into this sacred area. The size of the anus can vary depending on the size of fecal matter dispersement, as well as what types of objects are inserted into this area.

The anus is also known as the asshole, butthole, chocolate starfish, brown eyed willy and has many other slang terms for it.
<mndfreeze> mmmmm, anus is teh good!

Last night i was having sexual relations with my girlfriend, and i proceeded to insert my finger into her anus.
by px March 06, 2003

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alternate to stuff.
electronic stuff.
wheres that site for the st00f and t1ngz
by px October 03, 2004

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alternate to sup, or wassup.
yo dude, xup witj00?
i had a wikkd night man!
by px October 03, 2004

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alternate to classic, an antique classic
that pic was classique
by px September 28, 2004

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Slang alternate to fucked
diz shht be straight fuxt boi
by px July 14, 2005

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At the top of a flight of stairs, as you’re doggy-styling a chick, give her a modified donkey punch between her shoulders. As her arms fly into the air, grab her wrists and thrust… You should be able to ride her down the stairs like a toboggan.
º11:44pmº <CrimsonSkyLine> dude i asked this girl to go tobogganing with me and she said yes
by PX September 28, 2003

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Alternate to exponential, primarily used in online gaming.
Massive Carnage!! Expwnential Frags LOL!
by px May 06, 2005

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