A porty is someone that struggles to finish a meal and needs to ask for a doggy-bag so they can finish their meal another time.
I can't believe you cannot finish your dinner, you're a right porty!
by Fusse October 3, 2011
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another way of saying poo
Eww... is that porti?
by florac6 February 18, 2008
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Partying is for Fags and Portying is for brothers. Portying=Slaying Hos and Silver Soda to the Max.
I was drinkin this Budweiser and Portyin with this Girl
by sourdoejack October 8, 2009
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the portable toilets where everyone goes to smoke bongs because no one wants a weed house.


the place where you go to root a random sunbury hoe cause neither of you have a free
person 1: "yoza, wanna mix at the porties?"

person 2: "fuck yeah cunt"

example 2

person 1: "you're so fit wanna root"

person 2: "ofc babe do you have a free?"

person 1: "nah do you?"

person 2: "neither come porties"
by spiritual vegemite February 18, 2023
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The word that someone asked IShowSpeed to search up on Google, Eventually leading into him getting exposed for watching PornHub
"Search Porti"
Ishowspeed: I'm confused..
by Radin Happier October 1, 2022
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to smell like a porta-a-potty when you get done going to the bathroom
wow it smells like portie!!
by jeanishness May 29, 2009
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Unusally large, hairy, forocious, elusive species of moon crickets. Most are afraid of water, and are easily aggitated. Their voice is very low tone, and they tend to show their teeth as a sign of aggression.
Portis shore does have a strong attraction to that there snowflake.
Portis shore does have a strong attraction to that there snowflake.
by Mista Spyda June 19, 2008
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