IShowSpeed, known as Darren Watkins, is a Youtuber from Cincinnati, Ohio. IShowSpeed is known for its Live streams and random content. He is currently in a relationship, he is no other than Talking Ben.
IShowSpeed is gay.
by balliballs February 24, 2022
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A YouTuber with 1m+ subscribers.
He usually gets possessed by a demon when he gets jump scared or loses a match/round.
Bro that IShowSpeed guy is so wierd
by @plaqrrr April 16, 2022
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IShowSpeed is a YouTuber and streamer well-known for his NBA2k21 gameplay. He has had rapid growth gaining a million subscribers in less than 1 month and has developed his vibrant presence on social platforms on the internet with his funny, quirky, and entertaining live streams.
Did you watch IShowSpeed stream today?
by LORD KSI July 2, 2021
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It's a Dog who streams on Youtube
He will go insane when he dies on a game like Fortnite, CS:GO etc,
His worst enemy is Ben, who is also a dog.
He fucked Angela and an e girl in VRchat
He also had a son but quickly left and It wasn't exactly his son.
His favourite Anime is One-piece, It's a gay anime
Person 1: Yo did you watch IShowSpeed's Stream yesterday?
Person 2: I don't like dogs
Person 1: He isn't a dog tho?
Person 2: I don't like black people
Person 1: Wtf
by PedoGaming123 February 23, 2022
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he is a social experiment created by area 51 to make the public laugh and be distracted via barking, screaming, having seizures on stream, and having full meltdowns.

the point of this creation s to make awareness towards mental health but to also make sure we don't see any of the government killing happening right now.
by MDstar February 27, 2022
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funny youtuber who is most known for playing talking ben
IShowSpeed: "Do you love god?"

Ben: "Hohoho."

IShowSpeed: " you love god?"

Ben: "Hohoho."

IShowSpeed: "DO YOU LOVE GOD?!"

Ben: "No."

(help_urself plays)
by annieisagamingodess March 23, 2022
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