The synonym of the day is it means you!
It means you!
by Taenun January 9, 2022
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A slang term used by individuals in North Philidelphia which basically means "Do you understand what I'm trying to say/ where I'm trying to get at"
"This is how you whip up a Chinatown Tequilla Tonic, you mean?"
by xXxPu55y514y3r69xXx October 9, 2017
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if a person has a girlfriend, it doesn't mean that you don't have a chance with them.
"marry him"
"he has a girlfriend"
"just because there's a goalie doesn't mean you can't score"
by yerlocaldumplingdealer January 27, 2019
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When something happens that you dont want to happen.
when you ask someone what they mean/ what they talking about.
Mom: Son, i just sold your retros!

Boy: Fawk you mean! you best buy me a new one.
by Fawk you mean! December 23, 2014
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a phrase that can be added on to the end of someone else's comment, which makes everyone think about the person's comment in a sexual manner. Basically, it's the same thing as that's what she said, but this one is applicable much more often.
"We went so far last night."
" mean sexually?"

"What team does he play for?"
" mean sexually?"

"Baby, I think I'm pregnant"
" mean...o fuck."
by Doc W Dubz AKA Twisted April 18, 2010
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used when you are normally mad at someone based on what they did.
best friend: well someone was talking shit about you
you: the fuck you mean someone was talking shit about me??
by fuckingjew April 20, 2017
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A shortened form of "What the fuck do you mean?", largely used when the person using the phrase takes a comment in a negative way.
"I'm just sayin' man, yo momma good in bed."
"Fuck you mean, man?"
by guyatrandom August 5, 2009
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