An extraordinary person, in more than one way. She is drop dead gorgeous (NOT in a cookie-cutter way), incredibly feminine and sensual, very funny because she is really smart and sharp, successful without making you feel bad about yourself, always a trend-setter, hard to copy, she is sweet but always dignified, and a wonderful person, overall.
Did you see her???

Oh yes, she is Alba. It is just a pleasure to be around her.
by luckystar March 23, 2012
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a gorgeous girl with brown hair , tan skin, and a nice body. normally athletic & sexual. the girl everyone wants to be
oh hey guess who im dating


that alba girl

oh shes hot
by fkjrmeg July 5, 2011
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An Alba is a rare Alba with brown eyes,brown hair and gorgeeee body lady bug. She is incredibly famous and everyone loves her course she is the nicest gal in her school or work. She is a trendy girly with a open heart! We all need an Alba cause she is really sweet and amazing! She is Spanish too so ask your Alba if she can sing Mia Khalifa in Spanish.
Hey babe


What u lookin at?

This girl called Alba

Excuse me?


How dare u look at Alba when I’m your only bae 4 evaaR

But she’s hotter than u so get lost buffalo

That is mean

Good because i prefer Alba

Fine then shriveled grace
Don’t come back for me

Trust me I won’t heheh 👀👀👀💖
by Baegoatbae December 15, 2018
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An Alba is a person who appears to be harmless on the outside but becomes a different person when angered. They’re attractive and considerably sexy (depending on age, of course). Their peers describe them as formal, easygoing, and tenderhearted, but when an Alba loses their temper, they can go from an angel to a sadist. Underneath the layers of soft, ethereal skin could be a symphony of flames waiting to be set loose.

If you ever trigger an Alba, remember that you still got time to calm them down, or none of your skin cells will be left unburnt.
Person: I want to ask that cute girl in the sunhat out but I’m scared an Alba will torch me.
by EdwardColinFanNOJACOB June 16, 2021
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This is a wor to explain an amazing person , someone who is extroardinary in their own way, someone that is not judgemental a beautiful and amazing friend to those she really cares for.
My BestFriendd' Alba<3
by maayylleenneee January 2, 2009
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Alba is a person who has a dream for acting is beautiful can be called weird but if you are her friend she will stick by your side and if you get to date her (not likely because most Alba’s aren’t into dating that much)you should not let her go,if an Alba likes you she will treat you as a close friend if an Alba doesn’t want to be around you she will say “I am losing brain cells listening to you” while you are talking to her. Alba’s are very very smart and are really good at math but bad at ELA because they don’t like rules while they are writing but will still get good grades in it. Also she’s warships spongebob like a god.
(This is about my best friend named Alba)
Person:wow Alba is so amazing
by Is this the real life October 27, 2018
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The native Scottish name for Scotland.
Names of Scotland in Celtic languages :

Alba - Scottish
Albain - Irish
Yr Alban - Welsh
Bro Skos - Breton
by siarach March 21, 2006
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