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A person is laid out on a board elevated slightly so their head is up off the ground slightly. A cloth, such as a towel or rag, is placed over their face. A bucket is filled with urine and poured over the person's face to simulate drowning in urine. A form of sexual torture made popular in after-hours and domination clubs in Poughkeepsie, New York.
The UN voted to ban waterboarding, but the president of the United States found a work around by using Poughkeepsie Waterboarding instead. The problem was, he was the one who wanted to be Poughkeepsie Waterboarded.
by Nutzen YerMouf June 09, 2017
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The male in the relationship when a female "virgin" has sexual intercourse with a male but the female does not count it against her virginity.
A girl who had practice wood often wears a purity ring. This is used to make others believe she is still a virgin, and help her to believe it herself.

Ron wanted to be Rebecca's practice wood . He proclaimed himself a Christian and joined the local Young Republican's group. When around her, he would say "Praise Jesus" whenever anything remotely good happened. After 3 days, Ron became Rebecca's practice wood. Ron also discovered he wasn't her first practice wood, even though she was "still a virgin."

When a girl is "Still a virgin" because she wants to wait until she is married before having sex, she will engage in sexual intercourse with a male (the practice wood), but not count it and still proclaim her virginity.
by Nutzen YerMouf July 14, 2017
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Amnesia caused from over-ordering from Amazon. Forgetfulness regarding what one ordered from Amazon.
I came home from work today with a dozen packages on my door step all bearing the Amazon smile logo. I have no idea what the fuck I ordered and am clearly suffering from primenesia.

It's like Christmas everyday at my house, when I order from Amazon I always forget what I ordered and suffer from primenesia.
by Nutzen YerMouf February 27, 2018
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Past tense: pseudified
Verb: pseudifying

The act of creating or generating news that is easily proven false, but either advances your agenda or makes you money.

Creating fictional stories and claiming they are true, passing them off as news. All other news is declared "Fake".
Donald didn't like the news about Russian collusion, so his friends at a large news organization tried to help him out by creating pseudified stories. This process is called pseudification.
by Nutzen YerMouf June 07, 2017
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1. The non-study and non-research of current news and declaring it fake if it disagrees with your world view.

2. The practice of not verifying claims that agree with your worldview and passing it off as proof that your worldview is correct.

3. Pseudologist - a person who makes a living, or a profession out of pseudology.
1. The easily verifible news contradicted Donald's worldview, so he declared that it was fake. Donald has practiced pseudology.

2. Claims were made that an Oregon white supremacist was a Bernie Sanders supporter because of quotes found on a Twitter page bearing the white supremacist's name. Instead of spending 10 minutes looking this up, Jethro used this as proof that liberals were violent. Had he verified the claim, he would have discovered that the Oregon white supremacist shared a name with someone who was indeed a Sanders supporter, and the actual white supremacist supported the same candidate as Jethro. This is an example of pseudology.

3. Alex is working to cause mistrust in easily verifiable events; even declaring in a court of law that his activities and claims were made up. Alex has made a career out of this and he has become a pseudologist.
by Nutzen YerMouf June 07, 2017
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A one eyed one legged prostitute
The punani pirate was chasing me yelling, "You no pay! you owe fifty dollar!" when she tripped and her prosthetic leg fell off. I was home free now, free sex from a Thai hooker.
by Nutzen YerMouf February 19, 2018
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Zeke loved the smell of semen. So he hired some guys to come to his house and masturbate on him while he was in the bathtub, taking a lovely salty bath.
by Nutzen YerMouf February 19, 2018
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