To strip naked in a public washroom and proceed to wash yourself with toilet water, using a urinal mint as soap.
Don't go in the washroom, there is some guy having a mexican shower.
by Reemo December 5, 2006
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when you have rejected to shower and instead showered yourself in Cologne so you can cover up the smell of your body
that Guido obviously took a mexican shower today, the kid smells like a five year old hooker
by thaboiacrossthastreet November 9, 2009
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Alternate to traditional shower. Spraying some air freshener vertically over your head and letting the mist fall on your body/clothes for quick, easy and cheap oder destruction.
Drew rolled out of bed realizing he was late for class, and grabbed the fabreez for a quick mexican shower.
by the D. November 20, 2009
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a quick alternative to an actual shower, by applying enough cologne, perfume, and/or deodorant to cover up any funky smelling body odor.
i had 2 minutes to get ready, so i took a mexican shower
by toolg July 11, 2003
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When someone is so lazy they cant stand the thought of even a 5 minute shower, they will spray their can of Pheonix Axe over themselves for a period of time.
WE GOTTA LEAVE IN 5 MINUTES?! Shit..i'll just take a mexican shower * proceeds to spray axe over body for 7 seconds *
by MUNER ACT November 12, 2009
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A quick cleansing of the face and armpits.
Cleaning of the face and armpits in an environment where water is limited.
by Chris Wheeler June 30, 2003
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To wear way too much axe, cologne, deodorant, or all of the above because you are too busy/lazy to take a real shower.
Javier awoke from his nap realizing he had to leave in 2 minutes but smelled like shit, so he took a mexican shower.
by FONZZ March 9, 2006
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