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Being upset with a bitter look on your face in the same manner as a baby with a full diaper.
Sheila looked like Mrs. Poopy Pants when she didn't get a Louis Vuitton purse for Christmas.
by hititlong January 04, 2006
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A pair of pants with such a low crotch that it looks like you took a poop in your pants
Wow Jenny, did you see Sarah's poopy pants? It looks like she took a dump but it didn't smell like it
by Abiey September 30, 2015
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A grown man or woman who has soiled themselves, however, are unable to grasp the obvious fact they need their nappie changed.
Omg Alan is being a total poopy pants today. Does he need his nappie changed?
by I.A.P.P. August 13, 2014
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When you poop in your pants and it stains your pants and starts to smear and leave marks on the floor.
5 year old son- mommy I pooped my pants and it's starting leak.

mother don't worry I'll get the baby wipes poopypants used in a sentence
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