By far one of the most stunning and beautiful of all people, you will always be lucky to meet one.

Nat is a funny, kind fun loving person who could wipe the floor with you if she try's. Don't mess with Nat.

Even though she can break your arm she's very easy to fall for, she practically has guys dropping at her feet. If your lucky to meet one, your lucky to take Nat's heart.

Also found shooting flames from her mouth while riding a dinosaur.
Guy one: who's that fine looking Japanese girl over there?

Guy two: wow, she's amazing must be Nat.
by Mike<3 November 15, 2012
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Nat, is one of the nicest girls i have ever met. She is talkative, random and crazy. She is the most kindest person i have ever met and you will never find someone like her. She is nice to everyone and loves meeting new people.
Nat loves talking and meeting anyone. She is also very talkative and hyper.
by #Anon June 30, 2013
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The past tensed version of "Nut", used in a sexual context as an alternative for cummed, or ejaculated
1. Bro I was with Amanda last night and I totally just nat inside her, plan B here I come.
2. I had an issue where I always nat prematurely so subsequently my wife left me.
by NatkingCole323 January 30, 2018
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Stands for Nose Avoidance Tilting. Used to refer to the tilt two people engage in right before they kiss so that they don't bump their noses. Originated form the Bristish comedy "Coupling" which can be seen on most PBS stations.
"There was some definite N.A.T. but for some reason, she pulled away!"
by Kiten March 17, 2006
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the most horrible nick name for a girl named natalie or natasha. term of endearment will surely backfire if used in flirtatious manner.
"Hey Nat?"
by natalie February 08, 2004
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