Usually the last name of a big brand. One of the most expensive brands actually. But! It is the name of Ben Phillips AND Lexi Waddle’s cat! WOAH!
“Wow, Vuitton is so cute!”
“I love Louis Vuitton
“NO, Vuitton the cat!”
by Money shit April 2, 2018
Pronounced (Vuh-tawned). To get hit in the groin area with a purse or handbag. This word was coined by my ex boyfriend in 2004 after accidentally hitting him in the nuts w/ a small Louis Vuitton handbag.
"I accidentally vuittoned Kevan while he was walking behind me in the video store."
by Angelin Nicole February 24, 2010
Jizzing in someones louis vuitton purse or other louis vuitton accessory.
I jizzed in her favorite louis vuitton, now she has a gooey vuitton.
by sao;igjwse; December 23, 2012
1. Luxury goods brandname. Famous for the "LV" and flower monograms that are on the purses which became very popular in late 2003. Often illegally replicated.
( for more information.

2. A man born in Anchay in 1821 and revolutionized travel. He died in 1892, and the brandname Louis Vuitton is named after him.

3. Something very expensive looking, cutting-edge in fashion, or fake and replicating.
1. That Louis Vuitton purse sure looks nice on her.

2. Louis Vuitton walked to Paris barefoot to make cases.

3. That Coach bag looks so Louis Vuitton.
by robots on parade July 1, 2004
An in the closet snob who wears expensive accessories but refuses to wear anything other then sweat pants and sweaters.
that douchey vuitton better hide his kids.
by morIVAN December 1, 2010
Yo I just bought my girl some Louis Vuitton and now I'm a poor ass bum.
by Sonny D February 21, 2005
The accurate description of a person who wears too much Louis Vuitton at once. Also applies to someone wearing too much clothing from any designer at once.
Joe: "Good thing I sold all that Louis Vuitton stuff the other day."

Sam: "Yeah, wearing that scarf with the hat and fag bag at once would have made you a total Loser Vuitton."
by dorecup September 11, 2009