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One of the Highly intellegant animals that lives in rocky mountains. These creatures actually seem to be smarter than the average human being, however they don't have all the technology because of a lack of opposable thumbs.
by bobo October 16, 2003

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A substance (usually brown) very much like logs that is the result of digested food. It comes out of your anus as you sit on the can. It can also come out of your anus at any other given time.
see poop or shit
My poopoo is on the floor, i couldn't hold it in any longer.
by bobo July 06, 2004

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People that suck at rapping...
such as Ja Rule
Ja Rule is such an ass-rapper
by BoBo January 11, 2005

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A type of music that is made popular by the screaming of teenage girls and by old men that have crushes on the teenage girls that sing it.
Oh my god, I love that Justin Timberlake he is so cool because I'm a stupid teenage girl with no taste in music.

Man, I would like to get a piece of that Britney Spears, cause I'm old and want to do stuff like that to girls that I never have chance with.
by Bobo March 09, 2004

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Or durban poison, a strain of marijuana
Oh shit dude! You picked up the durban!
by Bobo March 14, 2004

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a womans breast. plural: tatas. A derivitive of tit.
Her tatas were huge.
I saw her tata last night.
by Bobo October 25, 2004

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Greatest apartment ever. Best adjective to describe something for its greatness.
-Derived from AIPH.
" 307 like what !! "

"Dude thats so 307. "

"Sneaking in, 307 style. "
by Bobo January 06, 2005

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