An expression of disgust, usually accompanied with a wrinkle of the nose, expressed by young girls (and boys) who attend private schools, and also old-ish women (and men) who associate with children of the age of 5 and below.
Tends to make international people double up in laughter.
Avanti: i want that bag!
poopoooo, u chaaavvvvvvv.
Avanti looks bemused.
by BogeyPlaya December 16, 2007
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Poopoo platter is a variation on name of the the Chinese dish; pupu platter. Poopoo platter refers to a load of shit left in a toilet thoughtfully left for you by the previous occupant. Generally by the time you've discovered the delicacy, it's turned the toilet water a murky brown, as the turds have started to disintegrate.
Hey asshole, didn't your mother teach you how to flush a toilet?! The next time I find a load of your poopoo platter left in the toilet, you're gonna eat it!
by Big Ed Moustapha June 22, 2009
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used in first grade but for people like me i still use it
duck man your a poopoo head
by amado February 15, 2005
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