when someone ridin on a guy and they fuckin fart and a damn fuckin shit come out on the dick
bro i swear bro reniqua is fucking gross as shit bro she gave me a poopoo dick on my momma
by charmue March 31, 2019
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the Hippo has once again released it's chocolate chowder to be feasted on by the Mung culture. after the poopoo explosion is removed from the hippo's anal cavity, it will be enough to feed a Melungeon family of 69.
美味的便便爆炸已從河馬的屁股孔正式釋放 是時候好宴了 .

poopoo explosion is tasty
by The Man Wilhelm All Sacks. December 05, 2019
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the most dangerous dude in the world, sometimes used in memes and jokes.
bro close your mouth when you sleep, the poopoo man gon get to your dreams you dumbfuck
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Jack: "Dude, I just sold that white boy Evan 2 grams of some Poopoo OG for $40!"
Titus: "Haha, white boys crazy bro."
by coziploo May 22, 2020
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an offensive term use to call someone a shit head.
your playing games.

guy 1: jeez dude your trash.

guy 2: shut the fuck up you poopoo panupoo.
by poopoo panupoo man himself September 10, 2020
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