1.A slang word for a females vagina that began as poon-tang and then was said to inbreds who added a little southern lip to to become poonany.

2.Also a raunchy Blues singer/musician who really hasn't yet hit the big time.
1. "Hey Cletus, I just put my sausage in Betty-annes poonany."

2. "Poonany is one good Blues musician."
by slopass December 12, 2003
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'dat gyarl have a stinky poonany
by Schmeg McDuff January 30, 2003
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A derivation of Pooty; it is the vaginal region of a woman, or little girl, you sick retartds, where often times a males reproductive gland is to be inserted for pleasure.
Strip club DJ: I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 10.
Bartender: uhh, 7?
Strip Club DJ: POONANY!!!
by RevStan December 10, 2003
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Noun. Slang word for the vagina. Pussy Cunt Muff
Do you want to smell my poonani?
by Anonymous November 5, 2002
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