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Noun. Slang word for the vagina. Pussy Cunt Muff
Do you want to smell my poonani?
by Anonymous November 04, 2002
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actully a Tswana word wich means pussy. americans stole it and turned it into american slang. Tswana is an African language in Botswana.
Go rileng? Poonani ya baba?
by Rachel_121 March 01, 2008
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1. a rare english species of catfish that is know to swim the english channel.

2. an old, old wooden ship used in the civil war era.

3. a type of hot mustard sauce used mainly in the cambodian dish of poonanii.
1. OMG, look at that "POONANI" swim! bitch of a swimmer that "POONANI"!

2. OMG, look at that "POONANI" sail!
bitch of a sailboat that "POONANI"!

3. "Waiter! could i get the poonanii with only a dash of poonani?"
by NSB August 08, 2005
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