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Just like any other club, except that that there is a stage often featuring fixed metal poles. The main attraction are strippers - women who dance in erotic way using the abovementioned poles, with most of their clothes off for you visual pleasure while you sit back and drink beers with your mates. Often they will let you get close to them, most likely for you to give them a tip if you are enjoying the display.
Office Guy #1: Hey wanna go down to the strip club after work?

Office Guy #2: Sure, what the heck, I was just gonna go home and beat off for a few hours anyway.
by Lime Lynx March 29, 2007
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overpriced alcohol and burdened, worried, naked single moms
paul ford heavily inspired my definition for strip club.

by chillbill February 26, 2008
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A place where three types of people frequent. 1.) Single men, these men are usually scattered throughout the club. The more adventurous ones in the front row. Shy ones towards the back 2.) Creepy old men that wouldn't stand a chance with a corpse. These men usually sit in the back with their eyes fixed on one dancer in a blank stare thinking they will "save" the stripper by the end of the night. 3.) Married men, these guys are unhappy with what they have at home and are looking for some excitement. You can find them scattered throughout the club as well but unlike the single men they usually come with plenty of singles looking for a cheap thrill before they have to return home to their less than sexy wife.
I don't blame John for going to the strip club coming home smelling like dirty vanilla his wife is fat as fuck!
by sarah36 October 17, 2014
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Where sluts, hoes, and bitches work. Also a place when girls rub there vaginas against a pole causing guys to get a boner.
by Bob marleyy January 04, 2015
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A club that only exists in a open society like the western world, unlike the under developed world.
Have you been to India? You won't find any strip clubs there.
by doodling July 01, 2011
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A club that men go to filled with women that are in the same genetic line as them or somehow randomnly posessed by satan every couple of minutes. The women will proceed to arouse the men, take their clothes off and make little kissy faces. Women will work' a pole and try to glimmer their face with much make-up. Some get scholarships for college by rubbing them nipples at their biological second cousins that are bred the same genetic from their Aunt Hooker Fairy.
Gred went to the Strip Club on Saturday to give his aunt Lima some spare change for a toothbursh."

Casey "Bobby went to the Strip Club last night."
Kilo "Oh yeah, what he'd tell you about it?"
Casey "He said this his cousin on his aunt's side gave him a lap dance and then wobbled away kindof embarassed."
Kilo "Well what the fuck is wrong with her?"

I wish Obama would shut the Strip Clubs down what a way to go inbred.
by wuwabee July 03, 2010
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