It's where I store my Pork Sword.
I just deposited a gallon of man yogurt in that gals sausage wallet.
by Samhain_Knight August 10, 2004
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the vagina; slimy hatchet wound; the eye that weeps best when most pleased.
The roast beef curtains on her sausage wallet appeared to be large, puffy, and swollen; it almost appeared as though you could fly a 747 into the Grand Canyon.
by weave March 27, 2003
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another slang term for a vagina. a sausage being the penis & the vagina being the wallet.

hope you got that dumbass.
you are just a no good sausage wallet, the freaking whore
by suck on this ass wipe February 12, 2009
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elizabethan (medevil) term for whore
Jim: How many guys have you slept with?
Sally: Alot.
Jim: God you're a sausage wallet!
by Pirate Queen010 March 31, 2008
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in the Renascence time it was a word to define whores.
That gal is a sausage wallet. She's with a different mate every week.
by Hamster. May 1, 2009
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a sausage wallet is another word for a womans vagina. also used in the lyrics of 'hey there vagina'
person 1: "how was she last night?"

person 2: "all i'll say is that she had a tight sausage wallet when i did her"
by fuckingawesomesexyperson August 9, 2009
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