Bull dyke= lesbian
Ass spelunker= homosexual
Midgets= little people
Retards= mentally handicapped
Black guys= African Americans
Chinamen= Asian Americans
American Indian= Near extinction
Cracker= That honky white boy
Uncle Hank= A2A
Esham= PAGNF
Stupid= Stoopid
Those are few of many.
by Jonballz February 11, 2004
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A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical liberal minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.
Most elegant depiction I've seen of "political correctness"
by jdbroom January 10, 2007
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An essentially meaningless but politically coded term used to reflexively discredit meaningful discussion of race, gender, sexuality, and class, without substantively engaging in the debate.
"What do you mean, I shouldn't beat up fags? Fucking political correctness!"
by jcb9 December 04, 2005
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Political Correctness is a term used by 'civilised western democracies' to ensure that nobody gets an 'emotional boo boo'.
Homosexual = Gay/Lesbian = (In the Extreme) A person of sexual preferance to another person of the same gender.
Black = African Amercian/African British = (In the Extreme) A person with naturally high UV protection.
Policeman = Police Officer = (In the Extreme) Law Enforcment Operative.
Milkman = Milk person = (In the Extreme) Liquid Dairy Dispensation Operative.
You would say: "Look at that Poofy Black Policeman"
You 'Should' say (The Politically Correct version): "Oculate at the Person with sexual preferance towards another person of the same gender with a genetically evelvated Ultra Violet resistance on thier outer celluar structure entrusted with upkeep of the (Insert P.C country name here) Legal Guidlines and authority to detain a person or persons suspected of failing to adhere to the afore mentioned guidlines."

This, mon aimes is Political Correctness gone insane
by Twisted Jester April 27, 2007
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To be politically correct.

The very thing that is driving Britain into the dust.

Epitomised by New Labour and the British Prime Minister Tony Blair himself.

Whereby you act and speak in a way that doesn't upset' or the buzz word "offend", any form of minority, be it ethnic or otherwise in the UK. Therefore getting in the way of moderate and legitimate debates like Immigration and Asylum.

People who don't conform are labelled racist by ignorant people scared of causing confrontation.
Teacher to Pupils : sorry kids but due to political correctness we mustn't pray in assembly in case Hindus or Sikhs are "offended"
by britishandworried January 25, 2005
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A way of saying things that liberals made up. It takes ap too much of my time to say their politically correct terms.
"That guy's gay," said Bob.
"Don't say gay, Bob, say sexaully oriented challenged, or something like that, I can't keep track of all these terms," replied Bill.
by Calm_Storm February 26, 2004
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