Super deliciousness in a can. Take the cap off, push the nozzle, CHEESE COMES OUT LIKE MAGIC!!!!!!!!! How can that not be entertaining? Then afterwards spread it on some crackers!!! YUMMMM
Person 1: Gimme some canned cheese.
Person 2: ok (squirts in person 1's finger).
Person 1: yum.
by hoagly January 16, 2011
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Like cheese only more awesom because of its ease of use.
OMFG I love to squirt canned cheese into my mouth.
by Atma Weapon December 23, 2004
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Popular Canadian mid-winter dessert. Crusty cheese sitting on a meat platter left out from a party that ended hours earlier is melted over a tiny coke can using an electric space heater from Crappy tire , typically in a basement.
Brian : Hey man the Can Cheese is ready.

Jer: what the hell are you doing!
by Jerman900 March 2, 2017
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When someone is acting soooooo cringeworthy that you allude them to the lowest possible tier of cheese.
You're giving me canned cheese energy right now
by laddiehickelsen October 19, 2021
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A saying used by n00bs looking to acquisition themselfs a tastey snax, most pr0bibly a ch33s3burg3r. This term can be used whilst at a WTFBBQ!!!!
" heyz im hungr3yz i want to has somethingz to eat at your WTFBBQ? , " I can has cheese burger? pretty plox?"
by c|G SnEdZ September 1, 2008
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start with amazingly funny pics of cats doing funny things text was added most then it was dubbed lolcats popular was can i haz cheeseburger
the kitty said can i haz cheese burger!
by iwiniwiniwin September 9, 2008
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