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The (female) body, once polarized, is like a battery. Vibrations are either positive (sweet) or negative
(tart, sour, angry, or bitter). Women who only let
go to first base are like the cat that swallowed the
canary; they know they're getting away with something.
Either accept all of a man or accept none of him
(pun intended). Only going to first base increases
polarization for both parties. Once the problem
starts it only tends to become worse, unless you
reverse polarity (with a different partner).

In a battery, plus (battery) goes to plus (circuitry)
and minus (battery) goes to minus (circuitry),
otherwise a disturbance is created. I hope you
understand the implications. Read on...
Man, those paddy clown conan peasant women keep all their
vinegar in the bathroom and their sauerkraut in the
kitchen and their totally worthless honey and sugar
in the attic. They're so fucking polarized.

On the other hand, the wonderful wopwops keep their
tarts in the attic, but I don't mind. They dish it
out but I can take it. They keep their
sweets, well you know where. They make the word
polarization look good, like Jamie, Earl's ex,
makes the word "white trash" look good. God bless them!

My thing feels angry today. Glad I know the way to
Monterey. Concord's looking good too. The woman
there loves it when I clean her bathroom. Afterwards
we sit on the couch and watch "La Dolce Vita".
BTW, where's Belmont?

by Jim Ference November 03, 2007
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