13 definitions by Donna K.

dude who likes to have sex with other dudes
"Don't date Jim. He's a butt slammer and he'll try to fuck your brother!"
by Donna K. March 28, 2003
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Unfunny comedian who makes you want to slap him....hard. Every movie he made after "Encino Man" should be taken out of print and burned!
Chrissy Lou: "Did you hear that Pauly Shore died last night?"
Donna K.: "There really is a Goddess and she has answered my prayers!"
by Donna K. April 28, 2003
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1980's shock rock band featuring former New York Doll Blackie Lawless.

White Anglo-Saxon Protestant
"W.A.S>p> is coming in concert. Anyone going?"

"My brother's girlfriend is such a W.A.S.P. God I hate her"
by Donna K. March 27, 2003
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a man who likes to suck cock
"Jeremy is a pickle licker. I'd dump him now if I were you"
by Donna K. March 26, 2003
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Character on 80's cartoon Jem who was added in the last season in a weak attempt to raise the ratings. The attempt failed miserably.
"Jetta looked like she needed a good fuck"
by Donna K. March 28, 2003
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80's rock n' roll girl power cartoon. Also business woman Jerrica Benton's secret identity
"Jem was really Jerrica but Jerrica's man Rio felt guilty about being in love with her even though Jem and Jerrica were the smae person."
by Donna K. March 28, 2003
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Metalhead slang for the California city "Hollywood". Named so for its high concentration of "weird" people
"Wanna go see Motley Crue in Hollyweird with me tonight?"
by Donna K. March 28, 2003
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