"That jacket is so polar, Shannon! Where'd you get it?"
by Donna K. March 28, 2003
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To describe the weather when it's cold or blizzard-like outside.
Carlo: "Yo, you tring to go downtown tonight?"
Paul: "Nah son. It's straight polar outside!"
by a;skljfhnvewio April 4, 2008
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n. A thing that is the cause of controversy on both sides. Something that is either loved or hated with no in between
Grease 2 is a polarizer. You either love it or you hate it.”
by TwinFami October 12, 2018
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'help me polarize, help me polarize, help me out' - tyler joseph
by tylersbeautyworld March 23, 2017
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Polarize is taking your disguises
Separating 'em, splitting 'em up from wrong and right
It's deciding where to die and deciding where to fight
(Deny, deny, denial)
-Help me Polarize, help me polarize, help me down
-Tyler Joseph needs help polarizing
by TakeAChillPhill July 30, 2017
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