The act of shitting on someone’s pillow while they’re not there.
Yeah bro he was being an asshole, So I did an Amber Heard while he was gone
by Jezza2570 April 27, 2022
When a women plays a sweet innocent angels and then her lies get exposed and she is publicly exposed.
She said she would never hit me, but when she said she hit me because she was mad. She just got "Amber Heard."
by StephanArizona April 26, 2022
A sex act involving the following steps
Step 1 take a shit on their pillow

Step 2 smear that shit around

Step 3 hold their face on that shit covered pillow

Step 4 insert your member in their anus ride their ass
Step 5 repeatedly donkey punch them in the back of the head
Step 6 overstay your welcome in that relationship for up to ten years

It is different from an Alabama hot pocket or a frosty Jim in that it does not involve fecal insertion.
A transexual gave Alan an Amber Heard.

I paid her for an Amber Heard

He is going for an Amber Heard
by Bryan 1888 May 10, 2022
To accidentally drop ones bowels in your partners bed, either maliciously, as a consequence of a massive intake of scrumpy cider or due to a swift exit from the rear entrance.
“Dude, I was going full bore on her back door last night, made my exit and she pulled an Amber Heard right there on my Eqyptian cotton”

“I had way too much cider last night, woke up this morning and I’d Amber Hearded my own bed, gonna have to get some new sheets, that’s way beyond the Daz door step challenge”
by Sarcastic Susan April 28, 2022
The act of cumming while shitting on a bed
Did you see what Kevin did last night? He committed Amber Heard while fucking her gf
by Zentheux May 6, 2022
the act of shitting in the bed and blaming someone else
"Dude, my girlfriend's crazy. She tried to Amber Heard me.
by objectionhearsay April 28, 2022