A penis. This word dates back to medaeval times. Bull's pizzles were sold as a delicacy, or dried and used as walking-sticks, or tanned like leather and used as whips. also a pretty decent punk/skater band currently signed to Magnatune.com.
bull's pizzle is back on the menu, sir.
by Al January 29, 2005
1. The penis of an animal, especially a bull.
2. A whip made from a bull's penis.
Did you know they stretch bull pizzles to make doggie treats? Remember that next time your dog is licking your face.
by Pizzles May 2, 2007
That chiseler fizzled, after she nizzled, then shizzled, my prize bull's sizzled pizzle !!!!!!
by Johnny Chingas May 9, 2004
A dirty meth pipe that is owned by your neighborhood homeless person usally is contaminated with herpes or other diseases.
"I saw Jeff the neighborhood bum hitting the pizzle behind the dumpster in the shopping plaza"
by aaahhyeeeeaCA March 7, 2014
Simply put, urine (piddle, potty, pee, micturition, whiz, poddy, wee-wee, etc.)
That urinal is unflushed; it's full of dark yellow pizzle!
by Telephony December 25, 2018
Yo homie, ill be right back, gotta take a pizzle
by M July 2, 2003
Pronunciation Key (p!-zle)

(N)1. A good looking female.
(V)2. To get to know or politic with a member of the other sex (or in some cases, the same sex).
(V)3. To lead away from duty, accepted principles, or proper conduct.
(V)4. To induce to engage in sexual conduct.
(V)5. To win over; attract.
Example: (I been trying to pizzle this girl since high school) (We goin to the beach today I heard pizzle's are all over)
by zoeboy March 11, 2006