Beyong high, baked, cheeched, fried, blazzed, whatever your lingo is for being insanely high.
"Jimmy just smoked those 5 blunts to himself. He MUST be sizzled."
by MiJo June 27, 2006
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The teacher roasted the student all the other students were like,
by sassycassy0713 April 18, 2016
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Cool kid who hangs out with nerds. Likes sports
Have you seen that sizzl? why is she with those losers?
by SnazyLaserbeam February 28, 2017
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A phrase used to show affirmation or approval. It references the sound that one hears when cooking certain delicious foods i.e. bacon or fajitas and therefore transfers those feelings to non-edible objects or ideas.
"Do you want to go see Top Gun tonight?"

"Sizzle Sizzle"
by MaybeWeirdYetMaybeWise July 11, 2022
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Something smokin', saucey or sassy.
Oo she sizzling today!
Sizzle hoe!
by Sparta June 14, 2019
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when you pick up a hot guy in a bar, your sizzling HOT!
i was hot and sizzling last night!
by Daniel p December 2, 2003
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One of the many slang terms for the drug OC, that is Oxycontin.
I'll pick up 2 80's of sizzle and some thizzle for my hoes.
by Iloveoc September 17, 2005
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